Questions & Answers


We have just made the decision to improve our garage by making it clean, organized and functional, how much money should we plan to spend?

To apply our hybrid BETTER floor coating to a typical two car garage will cost between $1,500 and $2,500.00 dollars. Better cabinets and organizers are based on the layout chosen by and specifically designed for you. You should expect to spend from $2,500 to $6,000.00 dollars. The professional designers at More Space Place can design a cabinet and organizer package to fit most any budget.


What is your hybrid flooring system and why is it BETTER than typical epoxies?

Our BETTER floor system is a hybrid 2 part epoxy with technology specifically developed to overcome the common problems associated with typical store bought epoxy floors and should not be confused with over the counter or big box store epoxy systems. Team BETTER has been specifically trained and certified to install our finished floor system. Our hybrid system has 4 times the abrasion resistance, contains polymers allowing the coating to flex with the movement of the concrete it is applied over and reduces down time 75%. BETTER floors are yellow,UV & chemical resistant and maintain their look and shine longer. The BETTER hybrid coating we use in a residential garage has the same chemical makeup as the coatings we use for commercial and industrial applications.


How long does it take to install a BETTER floor?

Our revolutionary hybrid coatings can be installed in one day. BETTER floors can handle light foot traffic within hours of application and full return to service within 24 hours of completion. Imagine application today and parking on the floor tomorrow. Some weather conditions can effect curing times. (Example: low temperatures and high humidity)

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What if my existing floor has cracks or chips? How are they handled?

Existing floor damage is easily handled. All cracks and chips that require repair will be chased or widened and filled with a high strength crack weld and ground flat during floor preparation. Floors requiring extensive repair will be subject to additional charges.


How are floors prepared for the coating? Aren’t they just washed with an acid solution?

No. All BETTER floors are mechanically prepared using a walk behind diamond grinder and professional dust extracting equipment. A mechanically prepared floor will profile the concrete surface and provides a much stronger bond to the coating, something an acid wash simply cannot achieve.


Is the BETTER floor coating safe?

Yes. Our hybrid polymer floor coating is engineered with zero VOC and is solvent free and environmentally friendly.


We have decided we want A BETTER GARAGE what do we do with all of contents during the install process?

Your contents will have to be removed. Typically our customers do this themselves or you can hire TEAM BETTER to move it for you. We recommend putting your belongings under a covered deck or in your side yard and coved with tarps. If this option does not work for you we can have temporary storage delivered to your home until the garage improvement is completed. There would be an additional cost for the temporary storage.


This BETTER flooring technology is impressive. What kind of warranty comes with it?

Under normal use and conditions you can expect a 10 year plus life expectancy with our BETTER floor finishing system. All installs come with our 2 year limited warranty against delimitation, staining and defects in materials and workmanship.


We are in the design phase of our new home. Does it make sense to include A BETTER GARGE in our plans?

Absolutely, our professional designers can design the perfect garage to fit your life style and budget. Building a new home with A BETTER GARAGE adds immediate value. It creates an organized useable space from the start. With A BETTER GARAGE you will have a complete finished residence.


Our BETTER garage floor looks great; can we use this floor in our lower level basement?

Yes. In fact it is not uncommon to put our hybrid floors in areas such as game rooms, storage rooms, fitness rooms,utility rooms, and wet bars. Not only do our BETTER floors look great but they are easy to maintain and control the dusting that naturally occurs with bare concrete.




What makes your garage cabinets BETTER?

After researching the mass produced cabinets available to us we came up empty handed. We have designed our own cabinets and theyare manufactured exclusively for A BETTER GARAGE. Our cabinets are made from a high-densityheavy duty Particleboard, unlike the light duty particleboard commonly sold at your local big box Home Improvement Centers. Our board uses a higher density of chip material and glue resins to achieve a stronger, more durable board. All of our material is finished on both sides in Thermo-Fused Melamine. This material will not delaminate, bubble, discolor, or peel, and cleaning is simple with a soft cloth and most any surface cleaner. Our slam sensitive all steel hinges come standard, an industry first from A BETTER GARAGE. Our true-mount system increases the weight capacity of our cabinets so you can rest assure your cabinets will stay securely mounted to the studs in your walls. Our all-adjustable shelving, as well as the top and bottom of our cabinets are made from 1" thick, 2 sided Thermo-Fused Melamine.


We are not sure on the type of cabinets we need & want, can you help us?

Yes, More Space Place professional design consultants will help you design your garage to fit your specific needs and budget. Our BETTER cabinets are priced individually which gives our customers total control over the cost. In fact we design many garage systems so they can be easily added onto or upgraded at a later date.


Why off the floor mounting? Doesn’t this put stress on the cabinets over time?

Off the floor mounting helps eliminate water damage. Insects and pests also like to nest under cabinets setting directly on the floor. Getting the cabinets up off the floor gets rid of this perfect natural environment bugs and pests seek out. Cleaning also is simplified as you will not have legs or supports in your way of washing and sweeping. Our reinforced true-mount system was specifically designed to handle the load and stress of off the floor mounting.


How are your cabinets manufactured and put together?

Our BETTER cabinets are cut using a point to point CNC router. This level of sophistication is not typically used for garage cabinetry but more so for fine cabinetry typically found in your home. We use glue infused dowels to assemble our cabinets. All cabinets have full backs completely locked into the sides by dado grooves. The sides are precision drilled allowing our 1 thick shelves to be fully adjustable. All cabinets are securely fastened to wall studs using 4 steel screws and our true-mount system.


How long does it take to install BETTER cabinets?

The average install takes only one day or less depending on the complexity of our customers design. After the cabinets are wall mounted to the studs we install the handles and put the shelves in. After we clean up and leave the only sign we were every there is your improved, organized clean garage. You may have to put up with all your neighbors questioning you on who they need to call to get their own BETTER GARAGE!


What kind of warranty do we get with our BETTER cabinets?

Our cabinets are built and mounted with industry leading standards. If one fails we replace it! Obvious abuse, damage or neglect will not be considered for warranty.